Does Ohlala arrange paid dates?

Ohlala gives you access to a network and services that allow you to connect with other members. Among other things, you can access Ohlala's messaging service to communicate with other members. However, Ohlala does not promise successful contact with users interested in paid dates.

If users of the platform agree on a paid date, Ohlala is not responsible for the appearance of the persons concerned at the agreed meeting point. Ohlala also does not offer any services to ensure payment for a date. In addition, we recommend that our members never send money to other users of the platform who solicit it in a chat or other communication channels before a meeting. In accordance with our Terms of Service, Ohlala users are prohibited from asking other users to pay money for a date that has not yet occurred.

If you are the victim or are aware of users violating our Terms of Service, please contact us at [email protected]. We then initiate a process to review user behavior and take necessary action. Please provide us with all information that can be useful for verification (URLs, usernames, screenshots, date and time of the payment request, text excerpts, etc.).