Why doesn't Ohlala offer me free coins?

Ohlala coupons and free coins apply to chats, photos and videos. We offer these free vouchers and coin packages in our newsletters and on our social media channels. In addition, we carry out sales campaigns several times a year. However, Ohlala does not guarantee the availability of free coins and discounted coins.

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How can I activate my voucher?

Click on your profile section via the profile picture on the right and go to the "My Wallet" section. Scroll down the list and click on "Coupons". Here you will find the input field for your activation code. After activation, the free coins will be visible in your balance sheet.

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Why can't I activate my voucher code?

Voucher codes may not be active if the following reasons occur: they have a time limit, they are limited to a certain number of activations, they are limited to a specific group of members or we have blocked or deducted free coins from your account as you have violated our guidelines. If you think that none of these

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