What can I do if a member didn't show up for the date?

Ohlala gives you the option to report users via [email protected]. Based on the details of your complaint, we will responsibly investigate the individual case, even if your complaint concerns a member's offline behavior. If there is misconduct, the account may be deactivated. Serious misconduct can also lead to exclusion from the platform.

You can also report and block individual members directly through the platform. This informs our customer service about your request and the member can no longer access your profile, which immediately prevents further contact. To do this, click on the three-dot menu on the member's profile and use "Block" or "Report" respectively.

For more details on our company policies, and specifically safety on Ohlala, see our Complaints Policy, our Property Rights and Copyrights Policy, our Non-Consensual Content Policy, our Child Sexual Abuse Prevention and Prosecution Policy, and our Statement against slavery and human trafficking.