Why was my account verification application rejected?

Applications for account verification may be rejected for the following reasons:

  • Poor quality selfie with a government-issued, unexpired photo ID;
  • Poor image quality of a government-issued unexpired photo ID or passport;
  • The card has expired or will expire in less than 30 days;
  • The ID card is invalid or damaged (punched, torn/glued, cut);
  • The ID provided is not government issued and/or does not contain a photo of the holder;
  • A second ID is currently required (preferred: international passport with English characters);
  • Pictures of the front and back of your government issued ID are required;
  • A photo of your government ID and a selfie photo with your government ID are required;
  • Cover photo and/or profile photo do not match your identity;
  • Cover photos or profile photos are misleading or confusing. Images should represent the type of content you intend to post.
  • The submitted account promotes escort services that are prohibited by our Terms of Service.
  • The account submitted suggests direct contact with members, which is prohibited by our Terms of Service.
  • The submitted account suggests third-party payment processors or services in the About section, website URL, cover photo, or profile photo.
  • The submitted account holder is not older than 18 years.